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I enjoy making Arabian horse costumes.  It started as a hobby, and then I decided to try to make  Arabian costumes that are good quality and affordable for anyone.  That way more people are able to enjoy the thrill of riding in an arabian horse costume.





About My Costumes:  

All my native Arabian costumes are handcrafted. No two costumes are exactly alike.  I will try to have a few complete Arabian costumes on hand. The colors and styles of the costumes will often depend on what is available at the time for materials. But, if you see something that you would prefer I do make custom ordered costumes.   If you like a certain style I probably can make something similar. 

The Arabian  horse costumes I have on hand are an average size that would fit almost any horse.  But if your horse needs a different size I can make one to your horse's measurements. 


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I also make Crochet Hats view them for sale at Chelsey's Creations 



For more information contact

Chelsey Goedecke

Phone#: (603) 788-3868

Cell#: (603) 631-2232

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